It is with great sadness then that the EPDA has decided not to lead a global #UniteForParkinsons campaign in 2019. There are a number of important reasons for this, and if you want more information, please email

But fear not, we (the EPDA) plan to develop further global #UniteForParkinsons activities in future years! The EPDA had its six-year strategy plan agreed in November 2018, and building on the #UniteForParkinsons campaign’s previous successes forms part of that strategy.

In the meantime, you can help us keep #UniteForParkinsons alive and well! How? By using the hashtag in your own World Parkinson’s Day activities – now and forever! Many Parkinson’s organisations, individuals and stakeholders are already fully committed to keeping the #UniteForParkinsons hashtag going – by organising awareness campaigns of their own and using the #UniteForParkinsons as a key part of their communication strategies.

And as part of our commitment to raising awareness of Parkinson’s, the EPDA has decided to promote two exciting Parkinson’s projects in 2019 that centre around World Parkinson’s Day – projects that we think are a perfect fit for the #UniteForParkinsons hashtag. You can read more about these projects below, and we hope you will join us in getting involved with them and promoting them yourselves – always using the #UniteForParkinsons hashtag, of course!