Unite for Parkinson's
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On Wednesday 11 April 2018, we celebrated World Parkinson's Day to raise awareness of the condition and change attitudes.

Millions of people across the world are living with Parkinson’s right now. But the rest of the world doesn’t understand what Parkinson’s is. So on 11 April Parkinson's UK and the European Parkinson's Disease Association teamed up with international partners to launch #UniteForParkinsons - a global campaign that aimed to show the world what Parkinson's truly is.

What did we achieve?

  • People from 199 countries watched our campaign video.
  • The #UniteForParkinson's hashtag was used more than 16,000 times across the world.
  • People held events throughout the world to raise awareness in their local communities.

Thakn you to everyone who got invovled and supported the campaign. We hope you'll continue to share this video.

Everybody’s Parkinson’s story is different. #UniteForParkinsons